Summer Fun Challenge – A Sticker Badge Chart {Printable}
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Summer Fun Challenge – A Sticker Badge Chart {Printable}

Summer Fun Challenge – A Sticker Badge Chart {Printable}

Summer brings us long days of sun and outside time, but sometimes it’s hard to keep the kids busy and engaged with things other than a screen. Looking for a fun way to be intentional with your summer? Introducing the Summer Fun Chart – a sticker badge chart full of challenges and activity ideas to fill your days.

a background image of flipflops on a beach with images of the printable summer activities and summer reading charts on the front with "No More Boring Summer" text as a title.


Print out the pages with the colourful corners on regular or cardstock paper. These are the charts you will fill in during the summer. Print the pages with filled in circles on sticker paper (or you can just use regular paper and glue to the charts instead.)


Ask or work with your child to come up with a goal of how many books they would like to read this summer season and add it to the goal page. Each time they finish a book, put a sticker with a book on it on that page. At the end of summer, count the stickers – did you reach your goal?

The other page for the reading challenge is to help your child find new books and encourage them to be creative with their reading. There are all kinds of challenges to complete – from picking a book with specific themes to reading in a new location like under a table or even outside. Whenever your child completes one of these challenges, add the appropriate sticker to the challenge page.

Want some more ideas on how to encourage your child to read – along with a free printable reading log? Here are 12 Ways to Get Kids Reading.


This challenge has 120 different ideas and activities that your child and family can do during the summer. They range from trips to crafts to snacks. Pick something and do it. When you get it done, add it to your chart! You don’t have to complete all the challenges. Print out one chart with 40 spaces and see if you can fill it. When it’s done, print another and work to fill that one! The goal behind this is to give some ideas on how to fill those summer gaps when you can’t think of what to do next, or when you want to be intentional with the time you have with your kids.

If you are looking over the challenge ideas and wondering how exactly to complete a specific thing – like say, “Make friendship bracelets” – a good place to check is Pinterest first. You will find LOTS of ideas and one of them is likely to work best for you and what you have available to you. I also have some links in this post – 171 (Screen-Free) Ideas For Summer Fun.

Included with this challenge is also blank sticker circles. Not every challenge will work for every family so these blank ones allow you to add something that is perfect for your family. Maybe you go to a cottage in the summer. Maybe you don’t eat ice cream. Maybe your child has a treehouse and you want them to read in it. Personalize this challenge to work for your family.

One idea is to print out the charts and create a summer fun poster out of them by attaching them to a piece of poster board and decorating. You can pre-cut the sticker badges, put them in a zippered baggie, and staple it to the board. If you want to have some extra mystery and interest, your child could even stick their hand in and pull out one challenge sticker every time they need something to do or at the start of the day – having to do the challenge they draw sometime during the day.

I hope that this challenge will inspire many great family fun adventures, memories, and time together, filling these summer days with summer fun.



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